Cluskeys' A La Carte Menu

  • All produce is sourced through local suppliers. 
  • All beef is certified and of Irish origin. 
  • Meals can be adapted to suit dietary requirements. Please feel free to request any changes to accommodate this.

    • Starters

    • Chef's Choice Homemade Soup

      Chef's Choice Homemade Soup

    • Prawn Cocktail

      Prawn Cocktail


      gourmet scampi, crisp lettuce, marie rose sauce

    • Creamed Garlic Mushrooms

      Creamed Garlic Mushrooms


      with herb cheese crust

    • Slow Roast Pork

      Slow Roast Pork


      with honey soy sauce

    • Atlantic Seafood Chowder

      Atlantic Seafood Chowder


      topped with a puff pastry crust

    • Warm Goats' Cheese

      Warm Goats' Cheese


      & red onion tartlet

    • Starter to Share (For Two)

      Starter to Share (For Two)


      spring roll, wings and a garlic loaf

    • Garlic Loaf

      Garlic Loaf


      with tomato & cheese

    • Main Course - Fish

    • Panfried Fillet of Cod

      Panfried Fillet of Cod


      potato crisps, leek & bacon carbonara

    • Salmon



      with vegetable risotto, lemon & chive cream

    • Scampi



      herb crumb, citrus salad

    • All Served with a Choice of Potatoes

    • Main Course - Vegetarian

    • Vegetarian Curry

      Vegetarian Curry


      stir fried vegetables, homemade curry sauce with boiled rice

    • Vegetarian Stir Fry

      Vegetarian Stir Fry


      fresh oriental vegetables, sweet chilli soy sauce, with rice or noodles

    • Main Course - Chicken

    • Chicken Kiev

      Chicken Kiev


      stuffed with garlic & chive butter

    • Escalope of Chicken

      Escalope of Chicken


      with button mushrooms, brandy cream sauce

    • Chicken Maryland

      Chicken Maryland


      with bacon & tomato, banana & pineapple fritters

    • All Served with a Choice of Potatoes

    • House Specials

    • Garlic Beef & Spicy Chicken Stirfry

      Garlic Beef & Spicy Chicken Stirfry


      served with egg noodles

    • Fillet of Pork

      Fillet of Pork


      grattan potato & whole grain mustard gravy

    • Pan Fried Duck Breast

      Pan Fried Duck Breast


      with braised red cabbage, orange & cinnamon jus

    • Beef Stroganoff

      Beef Stroganoff


      fillet of beef stroganoff with a timbale of rice

    • All Served with a Choice of Potatoes

    • Main Course - Steaks

    • All-in-One 12oz Sirloin Steak

      All-in-One 12oz Sirloin Steak


      with breaded mushrooms & smothered in garlic chive butter

    • Cajun 12oz Sirloin Steak

      Cajun 12oz Sirloin Steak


      topped with stirfry vegetables & soya chilli sauce

    • Grilled 16oz Sirloin Steak

      Grilled 16oz Sirloin Steak


      with an onion & mushroom vol-au-vent

    • Grilled 10oz Minute Steak

      Grilled 10oz Minute Steak


      with saute onions, peppercorn sauce

    • Prime 12oz Fillet Steak

      Prime 12oz Fillet Steak


      with gratin potato, peppercorn sauce

    • Medallions of Beef Fillet

      Medallions of Beef Fillet


      with saute potato & onion, peppercorn sauce

    • Chinese Style Beef Stir Fry

      Chinese Style Beef Stir Fry


      with noodles

    • All Served with a Choice of Potatoes

    • Cluskeys' Healthy Options Meals

    • Why not try one of our exclusive "Healthy Options Meals" from our Starter & Main Course Range

    • Healthy Options Starters

    • Vegetable Risotto

      Vegetable Risotto


      tomato & vegetable risotto

    • Cluskeys' House Salad

      Cluskeys' House Salad


      cherry tomato with egg & a natural yoghurt dressing

    • Healthy Options Mains

    • Prime 10oz Sirloin Steak

      Prime 10oz Sirloin Steak


      with saute onions

    • Chicken Stir Fry

      Chicken Stir Fry


      with Chinese vegetables & egg noodles

    • Side Orders

    • Selection of Potatoes

      • Hand Cut Chunky Chips
      • Garlic Gratin Potato
      • Homemade Croquette
    • Side Dishes ( all €4.00 )

      • French Fried Onion Rings
      • Saute Onions
      • Saute Mushrooms
      • Stir Fry Oriental Vegetables
      • Fresh Vegetable Selection
      • Fresh Garden Salad
    • Desserts

    • Crumble



      warm homemade apple crumble with vanilla custard

    • Cheesecake



      Chef's cheesecake, cream & fruit coulis

    • Brownie



      warm chocolate brownie with toffee sauce

    • Meringue



      fresh fruit meringue & cream

    • Ice Cream

      Ice Cream


      selection of ice creams

    • Tea or Coffee

      Tea or Coffee